Thursday, May 26, 2011

California Dreaming Continues... Jay Leno Show

After a long night partying with some Losers, we came and got a good nights sleep.  First thing in the morning Stephie's phone rang and it was The Jay Leno Show!!  They asked if she would like tickets to the show today! (We had been trying to get in to the Ellen show, but she had put her name on the list for Leno) We told them ABSOLUTELY!

Immediately, we started to work out how we would get there etc.  Could we get any luckier?!

We got the Leno show and there was A LOT of people there waiting for the show (including the twins Don and Dan from Season of their son's works security there).  We even saw Bono!

We were waiting and talking to all those who were waiting and it started looking like they weren't going to have room for us because we were the last one's waiting...but no, we got FRONT ROW tickets!!
We were actually the very first people to shake his hand at the top of the show!  We looked cheesy! But we were having fun, so why not look cheesy!  There was no one that we were super excited to see on the show.  Chaz Bono, some animal whisperer guy (Brady Barr), and the band Foster the People.

It is always fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of the show.  The ONLY interaction Leno gave was that little 1 min at the beginning where I got to be the first to shake his hand.  No one on the show interacted with anyone. Not Chaz, not animal guy, not Foster the People.  I always thought that if you went on to the show there would be "audience moments" behind the scene, there was not.  In fact, there were all kind of security guys every were looking for cameras etc.

We loved dancing to the Tonight Show Jazz band though, they were REALLY GOOD!  All in all, it was a fun experience and such a fun memory to have with these ladies.. HOW I LOVE THEM!
More adventures to come on this trip with my sweet Besties...stay tuned!

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  1. dude, I've always wanted to hit the tonight show up, that would have been so fun!