Thursday, May 5, 2011

Battle Buddy Surprise!

One of the FUNNEST parts to me winning this prize is Joni had no idea about it!!  I was screaming, jumping up and down, estatic that this is really happening to me... and I get to bring Joni too!  THRILLED would be an understatement!

I was nannying the twin 16 month old's and so estatic they were sitting looking up at me in shock and disbelief themselves wonder why I was acting like such a maniac.

I was so excited to call Joni, but I knew she was at the trainer.  I kept hoping for some reason she would answer her phone.  I called it over and over again thinking that this would be the time she would say "Hello!" and I could squeel and tell her all about it, but it wasn't the case!

Instead, I left her a message about how she wouldn't believe what just happened to me and she had to call me back RIGHT NOW!!

I got on  the phone with another bestie Amy Oberhansley, who also lives across the street from Joni, and told her the good news! She was so excited for me and helped me decide the best way to tell Joni.  We decided that I was going to act as though I was the only one who won the prize and that at the end of the conversation, let her in on the fact that she is going too!

FINALLY, I got a call back from Joni.  She was afraid that there was something wrong with me.  I let her know that no, everything was actually better than ever!  This is how the conversation went:
Meg: You are never gonna believe what just happened! The best thing in my whole life just happened!! I seriously can't believe that this happened!!
Joni: WHAT??!  What happened?
Me: Joni I just won something HUGE!!  The BIGGEST THING EVER!
Joni: What, tell me, what did you win!
Me: (SQUEELING!) I get to go to the Biggest Loser Finale and RESORT!!
Joni: WHAT?!!  Are you kidding?!  REALLY, NO WAY! (Joni gets all excited!)
Me: Can you believe it!!  Can you believe I get to do it!!  Wholly Guacamole and I just got off the phone and I won the GRAND PRIZE!!! (More squeeling!)
Joni: (a hint of jealousy in her voice) That's great!  Do you get to take someone with you?!
Me: (totally avoiding the question) Isn't this awesome!!  I have never even won a slurpee!!  I can't believe I get to meet all the contestants!!  I GET TO GO TO THE FINALE!!!
Joni: Wow! That is great!
(I continued to go on like this for awhile.  Joni's voice got more and more quiet about it, though she was trying hard to be happy for me.. i could tell she was sad at the possibility that I was doing this, not her! I couldn't keep doing this to her so I acted like I needed to go and call other people.)
Me:  I am so excited!! I have to call others
Joni: That is so awesome Meg, I am so happy for you!  You totally deserve this! I wish I was going with you!
Me:  I love you!  Oh and Joni?!
Joni: Yeah?
Joni: OH MY GOSH!! I GET TO GO!! (SCREAMING, lots and lots of it!)

We carried on both squealing and jumping up and down laughing and almost crying we were so happy!  Even Amy told me she heard her from across the street!

What a happy day!!  What an adventure we will have together!! I can't wait to see my Battle Buddy again!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, Meg! That is so exciting. You're an amazing woman and I love you to pieces!