Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I had the COOLEST thing that has happened to me since I received my mission call back in 1999.  I am still in shock.  I never have things like this happen to me!  Below is the email that I received:
 Hi Megan, 
I just wanted to make sure that you got my email about being a prize winner.
If you would like to call me to discuss the details.
Just wanted to let you know this is not a spam email or a joke. You really did win!
Please give me a call,
Jennifer SawyerMarketingFresherized Foods home of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE

I started shaking!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!  Did I REALLY win the essay contest that i wrote less than 200 words about Joni and I motivating each other towards weight loss?!  So I turned to the email that she sent that I didn't notice prior and this is what it said:
Wholly Guacamole!! We loved your essay and you have been chosen as a Grand Prize Winner in our Buddy Up & Win contest.You and Joni are invited to join us on May 24th for The Biggest Loser live finale . . .and more!We love that you guys are able to motivate each other even though you live a great distance apart.

Your prize pack includes the following:
* Entry for two to the live production of The Biggest Loser Finale on May 24th in Los Angeles.
* One week's stay at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Malibu
* $1,000 airfare allowance for travel.
You have five days to accept or decline the prize. 
Airfare allowance:
Please purchase your two tickets and send us the receipt. We will send you a check for the amount of the airfare up to $1,000.
Ground transportation is not included.

Congratulations again and we hope to see you at the finale! 
 I grabbed the phone, called SCREAMING with joy to Jennifer telling her how I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!  I told her, "I have never even won a Slurpee!" I was so thrilled, and even though I had no idea how this was all going to work, I KNEW I was going!!  I am the BIGGEST LOSER SUPER FAN!!  I was going to live one of my dreams!

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  1. So cool Megs!! I am happy for you! It was fun to watch your posts through the whole experience! You are the best--you DESERVE good things! I don't know a soul who doesn't love you!!