Monday, May 16, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11: AMAZING CONTESTANTS!

This season has been so awesome.  There are several reasons why I think it is so great!  First, shortly after trying out myself for season 8, I somehow came in touch with a beautiful girl named Courtney Crozier who lived in Indiana and was on a weight loss journey herself. I think I met her on a Biggest Loser page that was designed for people trying out for BL, but to be honest I don't remember where.  She was 435 pounds and was on a mission to rid herself of those pounds!

I became Courtney's friend on facebook and started being VERY INSPIRED by her! I followed nearly every word and triumph that she posted.  She even had articles written about her journey and it was so fun seeing that she was getting the attention she deserved for what she was trying to achieve! Then I saw that she had made the show after losing 100lbs on her own, I was SOOO excited!! I was so proud of her and being overweight myself, I could almost taste what that would feel like to get such a blessing!  I knew I would be GLUED to see what this sweet girl would do.  I had NO IDEA how much I would LOVE this season... it was the best!

Not only was this girl that I have never met  but already adored on this season, her Mom won my heart from the first episode.  So much about her and her integrity, reminded me of my strong cheerleader Mother.  Mama Marci stole the show and the hearts of America.
I started picking out from the first show who the LDS contestants were.  It is so easy to tell, there is certain things that they say that were giveaways!
Pink Team: Sarah and Deni.  
Blue Team: Moses and Kaylee.  
Yellow Team: Rulon and Justin (only cause I knew Rulon was raised LDS).  

I feel strongly that this season because of how Christian based all the players were from Mormon's to preachers, they may have changed the dynamics of the show FOREVER and I am so thankful for that.  Drama was little.  The players TRULY loved each other, and Mama Marci formed a parents alliance to make sure that no kids went home before parents, unlike other seasons where Mother's threw daughters under the bus to stay(or so they made it seem).

If I could have chosen ANY season (besides season 7 I LOVED Kristin, Filipe, Sione etc) THIS was the season I wanted to go and meet ALL of them!  It was fun being on the journey with them and trying to change my own life and habits at home.  It was awesome to watch Courtney on TV and feel of her spirit, power and motivation every week on TV not just facebook. The love and respect they showed each other was so wonderful to see, and I GET TO BE IN THEIR PRESENCE!!

Courtney, you are a true example of what a genuine, loving, caring and beautiful Daughter of God should be. I have watched you love perfect strangers along their journeys (Me and others), leave love messages every where you go, and shine your light at the time to your friends on facebook, now to the whole nation.  I know you are going to go far in this world, you have the spirit of someone who does much good, much like Mother Theresa. I love you, and I haven't even met you! Thank you for helping me see that it is possible to loose the weight, and not loose yourself in the process! So excited to meet you!

Now that I have said that another reason that makes my prize feel even sweeter, I found out that Dr. H was doing follow up with all past seasons and there was going to be a lot of previous Losers there, I thought I might really have died and gone to heaven!!  WHAT A SEASON TO WIN!!  I would be able to be united with ALL of them! So many have really inspired me to tears and I have thought of them as I walked the treadmill, swam, lifted weights, rode the bike, wanted to eat something I knew I'd regret later, etc.

This prize was going to shape the rest of my journey FOREVER!

So looking forward to what I am going to be doing I am so psyched to meet my girl Courtney, Mama Marci, Justin, Sarah, Hannah and Olivia, Irene, Sione, ABBY, Shay, Kristen, Sunshine, Colleen, Sam, and so many more!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

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