Monday, May 23, 2011

California Dreamin'...Let the FUN begin... AMERICAN IDOL STYLE

This morning started out REALLY early!  I had to leave Arizona at 3 am to meet Joni in Long Beach, CA as her flight arrived. Of course I didn't even go to sleep, due to excitement and preparation, and the fact that I was so HYPED I didn't really need any.  It was a neat drive watching the sun rise and just having a lot of thinking and praying time in my car.

Was this day really happening?!  Was I really getting to go to the finale and the resort?! After once again talking myself through these questions and the answer being a RESOUNDED YES, I was so thankful for that alone time in the car to spend it in thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father (God) for blessing me with such an amazing gift! I will never forget to thank Him, I realize that all goodness in my life is through Him.

Made it to Long Beach in time to pick up my Battle Buddy, Joni and our journey TOGETHER (at last) began!

Joni and I decided that we were going to travel in our workout clothes so that we could start our "battle buddy trip" off right by crossing something off the bucket list and hiking to the Hollywood sign.  Before our hike we needed to power up our bodies, we decided to have a healthy breakfast at Subway.   It was Delish!

While sitting at Subway, I decided to check Twitter (I had just signed up for it specifically for this trip.  Someone told me it helps be in the "IN" and might get some "sitings" by watching where people are.) This is going to be so stocker-esk sounding but I will not be ashamed because of what happened next...

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, posted that the current season as well as past contestants would be at the Chinese Theatre today for the star placement of the founder, Simon Fuller's star.  I told Joni I was pretty sure that the Theatre is right by the Hollywood sign!  We looked at each other and were off!

When we made it to the street we saw a crowd gathering and I paniced!  I basically threw Joni out of the car while it was running to save us a place.  I went to the closest parking lot, paid a fortune, tossed the car in a slot and ran.  We had PRIME viewing!  I have been watching season 10 of American Idol consistantly so this was yet another bonus for me.  I had NO idea what we were in for.  We got to meet them ALL.  Take pictures with them...WE WERE IN HEAVEN!!

Yes, this is the REAL people here!!  Yes, they took pictures with us!  Yes, I met Carrie Underwood and Jacob Lusk!  YES, WE WERE BOTH IN HEAVEN!  

Some side notes from this "siting":
  • Ryan Seacrest wears WAY TOO much makeup!  He looked like he was ready for burial, seriously looks plastic. I do ADORE him however for tweeting about this event :)
  • Pia Toscano is just as beautiful in person and so gracious!
  • Joni did indeed get kissed by Casey Abrams (and she didn't even know his jealous!)
  • There is some REALLY CREEPERS in this world.  (See picture) You would think this guy was right off a movie set...but NO, he was the REAL DEAL CREEPER! 

  • Lauren Alainer was not friendly (but reports said she was sick)
  • Haley Reinhart, still not a fan (too much tude), but she was eating up the crowd.
  • Yes, I have had a HUGE crush on Jacob Lusk's voice! "God Bless The Child" moved me to tears and goosebumps from head to toe! (I will be in a Black Gospel Choir in Heaven!)
  • I might have screamed and drew ALOT of attention to us so we could get all these pictures
  • There was really rude people around us that pushed us and stole our shots
  • I have NEVER in my life wished I would have gotten ready that day more than today. Looked frumpy! I made Joni get in the most pictures, even if I wanted too..cause atleast she had makeup and hair done.
  • Carrie Underwood is still one of my fav people ever
  • David Cook and Kris Allen were so geniune & spent A LOT of time with the onlooker/stockers like us
  • I met Mary Murphy and she was a SWEETHEART
  • Randy was the only judge that cared enough to stop by with the fans. 
  • This really was our life for a day and we are going to OWN IT!
Ok...I will have to write about the Hollywood sign later, this was too cool to not get a WHOLE blog!

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  1. That was such an AMAZING start to an AMAZING adventure we were about to embark on! Meeting all those people was simply AMAZING!!! The funniest part was you kicking me out of the car and speeding off, lol! We are true Battle Buddy's!!!
    That creepy looking guy reminded me of the back to the future dude!