Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11 Finale: Partying with a bunch of LOSERS!

I don't know how I can even explain the feelings of this day!!  It was surreal at the least.  I NEVER imagined that I could be at the same place with ONE of these warriors, let alone MOST of them!!  When Courtney Crozier (Season 11 Aqua team and dear friend of mine) told me that there was always an after party at one of the hotels and I could come, I was THRILLED!!  Even more thrilled when I learned that lots of previous contestants come.

We went to the most AMAZING, INSPIRING and MOTIVATING finale and still got to spend a WHOLE NIGHT playing, sharing and talking with the contestants!  It was a dream!

To make this experience even SWEETER Jen and Stephanie (Ghetto) flew in to spend the time at night with us as well.  LOVED seeing my besties in the same place!!

Seriously, this picture makes me want to sob!!  I never thought I would have Besties with Courtney!! My cup was so full that night... felt like 2 worlds had collided.

Let's start this out with the cute Allison Sweeney!!  She is seriously a SWEETHEART!

Meet Holland..She is the one that finds all these WONDERFUL people.  She is a casting director!

We met SOOOO many people.  Didn't have a chance to get a picture with all of them, but here is just a few to share...

Love these people!! THEY INSPIRE ME!!!
Wanna see how other seasons are holding up?  They are still going strong and looking good...

Do you recognize any of these Losers?! Don't they look AMAZING!

Here is one of the people I am going to see a lot of next Biggest Loser Resort Trainer:

Steph aka Ghetto said to Sam before we left..."Sam, you makes sure to KICK MEG'S BUTT!"  Sam replied, "I won't need to kick her butt, We will have her kicking her own BUTT!"

It was a great night, full of memories made for a lifetime!  I didn't get to meet the final THREE they were sooo busy and Olivia took off on a plane right after so I didn't get to meet that cute girl!  But it was SOOO exciting to be there for an ALL GIRL FINALE!!

Biggest Loser Season 11, You will be ALWAYS in my heart!

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