Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Whirlwind Girls Trip...Utah to California to Arizona (The Inside Scoop)

Have I told you that I have the best friends and family in the WORLD!!  Well, just in case I haven't, I wanted you to know that I do!

I need to give you a lil background on some life behind the scenes items that were going on to even make my way to the finale or the Resort.

In my former life, before becoming a Full-time Nanny, I had my hand in MANY TRADES.  One of the things that I did was I was a Wedding Planner and Caterer.  When one of my Arizona friends heard that they asked me to cater their daughters wedding.  I told her that I would do it if I could fly in my old crew (This crew actually was my friends who volunteered out of the kindness of their hearts to help me with my business, but they were the best out there!) I got to work to decide how I could convince them they wanted to come all the way to Arizona to help me :)

Decided that we ALL could use a vacation and my nanny family was going to be gone the week after the wedding (so I had it off).  So I enticed them with a plane ticket to a work/girls week.  I would fly them in here, we'd do the wedding and then that night we would whisk away for a fun week in California, Disneyland and the beach!!  We all agreed on it and were excited to get to spend that time together!

Well, my AMAZING prize winning in the Wholly Guacamole Buddy up and Win contest, kind of through a niche in that plan.  So it had to be worked out ALOT the lil bugs of this former "great idea!"

First, NO WAY was I going to turn down a trip of a lifetime and experience of a lifetime, and they didn't want me to either.

Second, I couldn't leave a bride and her parents (my friends) high and dry and 3 weeks before the wedding tell them, by the way... I can't do your catering anymore.

Third, I knew it was going to be inconvenient for some of my most favorite bestie's was this going to work for THEIR own schedules.

There was A LOT to think about.

I got on the phone and worked out MANY scenarios and ways that we could still make our Girl's trip happen and cater a wedding.  None of the ways were ideal or what ANYONE originally planned on doing, but my girls all conceded and we made it work.

Here was the plan:
I would leave at the crack of dawn the Monday BEFORE finale from Arizona and drive to California where I would pick up Joni at 8am.
Joni would fly from Utah and meet me in Long Beach at 8am.
We would spend the day in Hollywood and hike the Hollywood hill then meet up with one of her childhood friends, who would also give us a place to stay for the night, and stay outside of LA for the night.

We would leave in the AM and early check in by 10am to our Hilton Universal Hotel and get ready for the finale and our lunch date with the Wholly Guacamole team.
We would meet them for lunch and then head to the finale with them.
Go to the finale and have the time of our lives then visit the after party with ALL previous and current contestants for the rest of the night.
While we were at the first part of the after party "Ghetto" and Jen would arrive and take a taxi to the hotel (where we would hide a key in the foyer for them to get into our room).
They would then come and meet us at the next hotel over and also get to meet contestants! We would party like rock stars ALL NIGHT and then, crash and burn at the hotel (which we did).

This day was up in the air.  We REALLY wanted to go to the Ellen Show and I even woke up EARLY so I could call the same day ticket hot line a MILLION times hoping that my luck would continue.. it didn't.  Just when all hope was gone, we got a call from The Leno Show and scored tickets there.
After the taping we went to frozen yogurt and then headed to Anaheim...we were going to Disneyland the next day!
(Oh I failed to mention that I got HORRENDOUS shin splints wearing ridiculous designer heals that my bosses Mom gave me.  I was in so much pain and knew that Disney may not happen for me!)


All the girls got up early to head into the happiest place on earth!  I knew right away, that $100 to go in the park and be miserable and ruin the time for the other's was NOT worth it, so I opted out. Although, they wanted me to come go in a wheelchairs they could be first on the rides...well they said it was so I could still be with them, but I knew better ;)  I instead told them that I would meet up with them for dinner and call it good.

They went to Disneyland, I went to the hot tub! It was relaxing and felt good, I knew I had made the right decision for my body and so even though I was sad to not be playing with the funnest girls on the planet, knowing I was letting my shin's have a break (I was going to the resort after this week) made it worth it.

I sat outside at Downtown Disney for several hours and people watched.  Saw a lil boy having a seizure, a little girl eating an ice cream cone, families so happy to be at the Happiest Place on Earth together.. it was awesome.   

We met at to eat dinner and it was great food.  It was a good day all together.

We headed back to Arizona today.  We had a wedding to cater tomorrow. Had lots of food prep etc to get done, none of it I could have done without these ladies!
Before we started our road trip back to AZ we got to have brunch in San Diego with some ADORABLE friend Jen and I met on a cruise a year or two earlier.  Rondi, Amy and Andrea.  They are so much fun and we had SUCH A BLAST with those three!
On the road trip to my house in AZ there was much laughing, singing, some was heaven to me.  Oh how I miss being around loved ones all the time.

Once we pulled into my town we immediately went to Sam's Club with the shopping list I had prepared before we left and did some major wedding food shopping.
When we arrived on the home front the wedding chaos began.

Sat: Cooking, food prep, running like chicken's with our heads cut off began.  Yet, with all of them by my side it seemed doable.
We arrived to the reception on time, had our food set up and prepared on time, and we worked our rears off keeping it all stocked (and keeping all the flies that infested this back yard wedding away from the food.) and full so the guests could eat to their hearts content.
Here is the picture of the food we had.  It was simple, but very good, yes I will toot my own yummy food horn!
After we cleaned up (in record time I must say) we went to Red Robin and ate to OUR hearts content and unwound and just enjoyed each other.  I am going to miss these ladies.. I hope they come back, when there is NO WORK, only PLAY to do!

Bright and early, we all headed off.  Jen and Ghetto left for Utah and Joni and I headed to California on our way to The Biggest Loser Resort Malibu.
Within miles of Joni and I leaving my trusty mini van made a horrible sound (it sounded like there was a muffler in my engine) on the freeway on ramp towards our upcoming week long journey, and we had to back down the on ramp and park in a hotel and make a decision of what now.
I called my a friend that know Phoenix very well and asked for assistance which she so generously gave me.
I called the Whiting Family who is like family to me and the graciously allowed me to use their teenagers car to go to the Resort.
We had my car towed to my house and Lorrie took us to Gilbert to pick up the other car.  Our trip started a few hours later than we expected, but we got on our way!!

As you can see, if you are still with me in this LONG post, everything was complicated but in the end, it all worked out, we were able to spend time with those we love and I was once again supported in my crazy life!
I am so thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life who always come to my aid and are patient with me.  Also thankful that for the first time in my life, I WON SOMETHING!  Stay tuned for all the posts on The Biggest Loser Resort.. it was AMAZING!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

California Dreaming Continues... Jay Leno Show

After a long night partying with some Losers, we came and got a good nights sleep.  First thing in the morning Stephie's phone rang and it was The Jay Leno Show!!  They asked if she would like tickets to the show today! (We had been trying to get in to the Ellen show, but she had put her name on the list for Leno) We told them ABSOLUTELY!

Immediately, we started to work out how we would get there etc.  Could we get any luckier?!

We got the Leno show and there was A LOT of people there waiting for the show (including the twins Don and Dan from Season of their son's works security there).  We even saw Bono!

We were waiting and talking to all those who were waiting and it started looking like they weren't going to have room for us because we were the last one's waiting...but no, we got FRONT ROW tickets!!
We were actually the very first people to shake his hand at the top of the show!  We looked cheesy! But we were having fun, so why not look cheesy!  There was no one that we were super excited to see on the show.  Chaz Bono, some animal whisperer guy (Brady Barr), and the band Foster the People.

It is always fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of the show.  The ONLY interaction Leno gave was that little 1 min at the beginning where I got to be the first to shake his hand.  No one on the show interacted with anyone. Not Chaz, not animal guy, not Foster the People.  I always thought that if you went on to the show there would be "audience moments" behind the scene, there was not.  In fact, there were all kind of security guys every were looking for cameras etc.

We loved dancing to the Tonight Show Jazz band though, they were REALLY GOOD!  All in all, it was a fun experience and such a fun memory to have with these ladies.. HOW I LOVE THEM!
More adventures to come on this trip with my sweet Besties...stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11 Finale: Partying with a bunch of LOSERS!

I don't know how I can even explain the feelings of this day!!  It was surreal at the least.  I NEVER imagined that I could be at the same place with ONE of these warriors, let alone MOST of them!!  When Courtney Crozier (Season 11 Aqua team and dear friend of mine) told me that there was always an after party at one of the hotels and I could come, I was THRILLED!!  Even more thrilled when I learned that lots of previous contestants come.

We went to the most AMAZING, INSPIRING and MOTIVATING finale and still got to spend a WHOLE NIGHT playing, sharing and talking with the contestants!  It was a dream!

To make this experience even SWEETER Jen and Stephanie (Ghetto) flew in to spend the time at night with us as well.  LOVED seeing my besties in the same place!!

Seriously, this picture makes me want to sob!!  I never thought I would have Besties with Courtney!! My cup was so full that night... felt like 2 worlds had collided.

Let's start this out with the cute Allison Sweeney!!  She is seriously a SWEETHEART!

Meet Holland..She is the one that finds all these WONDERFUL people.  She is a casting director!

We met SOOOO many people.  Didn't have a chance to get a picture with all of them, but here is just a few to share...

Love these people!! THEY INSPIRE ME!!!
Wanna see how other seasons are holding up?  They are still going strong and looking good...

Do you recognize any of these Losers?! Don't they look AMAZING!

Here is one of the people I am going to see a lot of next Biggest Loser Resort Trainer:

Steph aka Ghetto said to Sam before we left..."Sam, you makes sure to KICK MEG'S BUTT!"  Sam replied, "I won't need to kick her butt, We will have her kicking her own BUTT!"

It was a great night, full of memories made for a lifetime!  I didn't get to meet the final THREE they were sooo busy and Olivia took off on a plane right after so I didn't get to meet that cute girl!  But it was SOOO exciting to be there for an ALL GIRL FINALE!!

Biggest Loser Season 11, You will be ALWAYS in my heart!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The only sad thing that happened today was that camera's were not allowed in the studio!  So we couldn't capture the fun things that happened.  Here are some of the highlights:

We were all given VIP room passes and I got to sit and talk with Sherry Johnson, pink team from season 9.  She is a southern belle with the cutest accent and the sweetest heart.  We had a lot of laughter back stage as well.

When they came and got us to take us to our seats right before filming began  A few of my FAV Loser's poked their heads out of the tenting to wave at me and blow me kisses, while putting their fingers to their mouths so they wouldn't get in trouble.  Courtney, Mama Marci and Sarah Nitta made me ECSTATIC to see their beautiful faces!

They had our names on the seat at NBC studios where we were supposed to sit, it was a fun feeling to be part of such an exciting day in these people's lives!

We brought in all our signs (this is only the one side of our signs.  We had some for all our fav's.  Sarah and Deni and Hannah and Olivia are some missing.  Plus our ALL GIRL FINALE!) the "cheer generator" guy started giving away prizes to those with the most vibrancy etc.  I tell you what, I tried EVERYTHING to get a year of Wholly Guacamole, a year to the Biggest Loser Club, case of oatmeal etc.. I was standing on my chair, dancing, whooping and the guy always said, "Wholly Guacamole, you are all so energetic!"...referring to my sign...and always picked someone else!!  I could have swore he was saving the best for last for Joni and I.. and never ever gave us anything!! haha  Oh well, you can't be too greedy, I mean we had the best prize of all ALREADY and heck, he helped me burn A LOT of calories that day! LOL

Here are the STATS for the entire season of Loser!

Rulon396'2"60.9X474442425415411394382371367350342335330325318311301Quitdid not attend

The EXCITEMENT was sooo electric in the NBC studios! It was so fun to see how they do everything behind the scenes, how they build the excitement, the makeup crew that always came up to powder foreheads and noses, and the love and camaraderie of past and present contestants. they really are family.

I was hoping from the last episode that this year would be an ALL GIRL FINALE (no offense Jay)!  I even made a sign that said, ALL GIRL FINALE!! And waved it several times!  Of course the only sign that was shown was the one I made that said WE <3 BOB!  Joni, became famous! LOL She was shown on TV holding that sign and Bob actually waved at us an SMILED huge when he saw it! Yes, Bob is just as adorable in person!

One of our entourage snuck in his camera phone (names will not be revealed) and got us THIS awesome capture at the end of the finale!  There was silver, red and green shining papers coming down ALL AROUND US! It was magical!


Ever since Wholly Guacamole hit the shelves of Costco, I have had a food affair with it!  All the families I nannied for always had it tucked away in their freezers, somewhere. I would pull it out and eat taquitos, quesidillas, chips and Salsa and frozen burritos with it while at their houses. (I know, the processed food are not healthy but the Guac is!)

Today We got to do something, I never even considered being an option or a possibility.  Joni and I were invited to lunch with the Marketing big wigs of Wholly Guacamole!  They treated all the different winners to lunch at Buca di Beppo before hitting the finale.

They had ordered SOO much amazing appetizers, salads and dishes I was in food HEAVEN...I know kind of funny to be in food heaven right before The Biggest Loser Finale, but as a thank you to them picking me as a winner, I couldn't refuse, right?! LOL

Right away we clicked.  They had us rolling.  Tracey, a VP is one of the funniest women I have ever met in my life!  I wanted to take her home with me! Pictured above, she is an awesome, animated story teller with a Bostonian accent! When you add the three together; Jennifer, Tara, and Tracey, you have a constant well of gut laughter flowing.  I was afraid to drink, in fear that it would come out my nose in a moment of hysterics!

I made ALL these signs for The Biggest Loser Finale so we had to get pictures at the end with all the different winners and the Wholly Guac signs.  I have decided to officially invite myself as an honorary member of the Wholly Guacamole family, hope they don't mind! hehehe

 Below is a picture of all the Battle Buddy Winners! We absolutely adored them and plan to continue following their journey's as well!

After our photo op we were ready to hop in cars and go!  The sad thing is that my feet were already in excruciating pain from the Jimmy Choo fancy heals the family I worked for gave me. We walked really far and fast to get to lunch to meet every one. ( on the cobblestone streets of Universal City Walk and that did it!). I knew that as soon as we got to the finale, my fancy shoes were coming off! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

California Dreamin' Continued: Hike to the Hollywood Sign

This dream trip had just turned into a turbo-powered dream. Meeting all the contestants from American Idol as an added plus but we didn't forget our original goal insight, to hike the Hollywood hill.   I did some research before we came on our trip to see exactly how to get there and what the distance of the hike was.  From the blogs I read, the hike was only about a mile each way. We knew the hikes at The Biggest Loser Resort, Fitness Ridge were going to much more extensive than that so we needed to do a little more.

When arriving close to the Hollywood Sign we parked in a neighborhood a half a mile away from the entrance so we could add another mile round trip to the hike, making it 3 mile hike.  We felt good about that amount of distance and knew it was going to be challenging since it was already 2pm and in high temperatures.  We grabbed our water bottles, our phones so we could take pictures and use the Cardio App and headed up this neighborhood (which was up hill).

As we hiked, the views were breathe taking!  I had really missed beautiful scenic views like this (having moved from scenic Utah to desert Arizona 2 yrs prior) I kept just looking at how gorgeous it was! 

Joni, who is ALWAYS willing to push her body to the next level (and also has a death wish) decided about a mile into the hike that she was going to try some running up the straight mountain...I went ahead and let her!!

Yes, I did say a mile into it.  That's right.  From where we started the hike, we would end up having a 6 mile round trip Hollywood Sign experience.  We were hot, and exhausted.  (Maybe we shouldn't have splurged in that Tommy Burger before hitting the hills)

My calves were burning on fire when we arrived to our destination, the Hollywood sign, but my soul was singing!  I was so proud to have done it!  To have crossed something off my bucket list.  To be  on a hike with my Battle Buddy and start this continued journey in California together!  It was an AWESOME feeling, a high like I rarely feel!

I don't know how many of my readers are hikers, but for me the worst part of the hike on my body is the DOWNHILL.  Seriously I feel it uses every ounce of your body to go down...ouchy mama!

We had such an awesome day together!  It was a blast to enjoy the hype of American Idol and the Hollywood sign together.  So thankful for this prize and blessing I had been given. 

On our way back to a friends to sleep that night, we found our most FAVORITE BARGAIN STORE from AZ in California, and it was a SUPER CENTER!!  Let's just say as sweaty and nasty as were were, we had fun shopping :)

In life it always makes it brighter when you have someone that "understands" the pains you have felt, the challenges you have undergone, the things you have missed out on in life to such a degree that they can finish your sentences.  I have people in my life that have been this for me, Joni is one of them.  Having her on this journey with me, even when normally she is a WHOLE state away, just makes it all that more comforting!  We may have our ups and downs through this journey with the scale, but knowing that someone has been there, that they have your back and won't let you fall to off that saddle, make the journey even more rewarding!

Tomorrow will be an UP day for sure!  We get to go to lunch with the VP's at Wholly Guacamole, go to the finale and after party, and Jen and Ghetto are flying in to join us at the after party as well as do some more fun things in California with us for the rest of the week!  Can it get any better than that?! Not for tomorrow at least! I will enjoy every last second!

California Dreamin'...Let the FUN begin... AMERICAN IDOL STYLE

This morning started out REALLY early!  I had to leave Arizona at 3 am to meet Joni in Long Beach, CA as her flight arrived. Of course I didn't even go to sleep, due to excitement and preparation, and the fact that I was so HYPED I didn't really need any.  It was a neat drive watching the sun rise and just having a lot of thinking and praying time in my car.

Was this day really happening?!  Was I really getting to go to the finale and the resort?! After once again talking myself through these questions and the answer being a RESOUNDED YES, I was so thankful for that alone time in the car to spend it in thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father (God) for blessing me with such an amazing gift! I will never forget to thank Him, I realize that all goodness in my life is through Him.

Made it to Long Beach in time to pick up my Battle Buddy, Joni and our journey TOGETHER (at last) began!

Joni and I decided that we were going to travel in our workout clothes so that we could start our "battle buddy trip" off right by crossing something off the bucket list and hiking to the Hollywood sign.  Before our hike we needed to power up our bodies, we decided to have a healthy breakfast at Subway.   It was Delish!

While sitting at Subway, I decided to check Twitter (I had just signed up for it specifically for this trip.  Someone told me it helps be in the "IN" and might get some "sitings" by watching where people are.) This is going to be so stocker-esk sounding but I will not be ashamed because of what happened next...

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, posted that the current season as well as past contestants would be at the Chinese Theatre today for the star placement of the founder, Simon Fuller's star.  I told Joni I was pretty sure that the Theatre is right by the Hollywood sign!  We looked at each other and were off!

When we made it to the street we saw a crowd gathering and I paniced!  I basically threw Joni out of the car while it was running to save us a place.  I went to the closest parking lot, paid a fortune, tossed the car in a slot and ran.  We had PRIME viewing!  I have been watching season 10 of American Idol consistantly so this was yet another bonus for me.  I had NO idea what we were in for.  We got to meet them ALL.  Take pictures with them...WE WERE IN HEAVEN!!

Yes, this is the REAL people here!!  Yes, they took pictures with us!  Yes, I met Carrie Underwood and Jacob Lusk!  YES, WE WERE BOTH IN HEAVEN!  

Some side notes from this "siting":
  • Ryan Seacrest wears WAY TOO much makeup!  He looked like he was ready for burial, seriously looks plastic. I do ADORE him however for tweeting about this event :)
  • Pia Toscano is just as beautiful in person and so gracious!
  • Joni did indeed get kissed by Casey Abrams (and she didn't even know his jealous!)
  • There is some REALLY CREEPERS in this world.  (See picture) You would think this guy was right off a movie set...but NO, he was the REAL DEAL CREEPER! 

  • Lauren Alainer was not friendly (but reports said she was sick)
  • Haley Reinhart, still not a fan (too much tude), but she was eating up the crowd.
  • Yes, I have had a HUGE crush on Jacob Lusk's voice! "God Bless The Child" moved me to tears and goosebumps from head to toe! (I will be in a Black Gospel Choir in Heaven!)
  • I might have screamed and drew ALOT of attention to us so we could get all these pictures
  • There was really rude people around us that pushed us and stole our shots
  • I have NEVER in my life wished I would have gotten ready that day more than today. Looked frumpy! I made Joni get in the most pictures, even if I wanted too..cause atleast she had makeup and hair done.
  • Carrie Underwood is still one of my fav people ever
  • David Cook and Kris Allen were so geniune & spent A LOT of time with the onlooker/stockers like us
  • I met Mary Murphy and she was a SWEETHEART
  • Randy was the only judge that cared enough to stop by with the fans. 
  • This really was our life for a day and we are going to OWN IT!
Ok...I will have to write about the Hollywood sign later, this was too cool to not get a WHOLE blog!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 11: AMAZING CONTESTANTS!

This season has been so awesome.  There are several reasons why I think it is so great!  First, shortly after trying out myself for season 8, I somehow came in touch with a beautiful girl named Courtney Crozier who lived in Indiana and was on a weight loss journey herself. I think I met her on a Biggest Loser page that was designed for people trying out for BL, but to be honest I don't remember where.  She was 435 pounds and was on a mission to rid herself of those pounds!

I became Courtney's friend on facebook and started being VERY INSPIRED by her! I followed nearly every word and triumph that she posted.  She even had articles written about her journey and it was so fun seeing that she was getting the attention she deserved for what she was trying to achieve! Then I saw that she had made the show after losing 100lbs on her own, I was SOOO excited!! I was so proud of her and being overweight myself, I could almost taste what that would feel like to get such a blessing!  I knew I would be GLUED to see what this sweet girl would do.  I had NO IDEA how much I would LOVE this season... it was the best!

Not only was this girl that I have never met  but already adored on this season, her Mom won my heart from the first episode.  So much about her and her integrity, reminded me of my strong cheerleader Mother.  Mama Marci stole the show and the hearts of America.
I started picking out from the first show who the LDS contestants were.  It is so easy to tell, there is certain things that they say that were giveaways!
Pink Team: Sarah and Deni.  
Blue Team: Moses and Kaylee.  
Yellow Team: Rulon and Justin (only cause I knew Rulon was raised LDS).  

I feel strongly that this season because of how Christian based all the players were from Mormon's to preachers, they may have changed the dynamics of the show FOREVER and I am so thankful for that.  Drama was little.  The players TRULY loved each other, and Mama Marci formed a parents alliance to make sure that no kids went home before parents, unlike other seasons where Mother's threw daughters under the bus to stay(or so they made it seem).

If I could have chosen ANY season (besides season 7 I LOVED Kristin, Filipe, Sione etc) THIS was the season I wanted to go and meet ALL of them!  It was fun being on the journey with them and trying to change my own life and habits at home.  It was awesome to watch Courtney on TV and feel of her spirit, power and motivation every week on TV not just facebook. The love and respect they showed each other was so wonderful to see, and I GET TO BE IN THEIR PRESENCE!!

Courtney, you are a true example of what a genuine, loving, caring and beautiful Daughter of God should be. I have watched you love perfect strangers along their journeys (Me and others), leave love messages every where you go, and shine your light at the time to your friends on facebook, now to the whole nation.  I know you are going to go far in this world, you have the spirit of someone who does much good, much like Mother Theresa. I love you, and I haven't even met you! Thank you for helping me see that it is possible to loose the weight, and not loose yourself in the process! So excited to meet you!

Now that I have said that another reason that makes my prize feel even sweeter, I found out that Dr. H was doing follow up with all past seasons and there was going to be a lot of previous Losers there, I thought I might really have died and gone to heaven!!  WHAT A SEASON TO WIN!!  I would be able to be united with ALL of them! So many have really inspired me to tears and I have thought of them as I walked the treadmill, swam, lifted weights, rode the bike, wanted to eat something I knew I'd regret later, etc.

This prize was going to shape the rest of my journey FOREVER!

So looking forward to what I am going to be doing I am so psyched to meet my girl Courtney, Mama Marci, Justin, Sarah, Hannah and Olivia, Irene, Sione, ABBY, Shay, Kristen, Sunshine, Colleen, Sam, and so many more!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Simple Winning Essay

Because I am an AVID Biggest Loser Fan, I keep tabs on everything that is going on with the show.  I noticed that there was a contest going on the beginning of this year put on by Wholly Guacamole, a brand I have known and loved!

This contest was an essay contest called "Battle Buddy" basically the person that helps you in the battle of the bulge.  I thought right away about Joni Elegante.  We have been friend only for a year but in that year we talk several times a day, check in on exercise schedules, food good and bad days and just keep each other motivated.  Both of us on our own had lost 80lbs and were both having a hard time maintaining that weight loss, she was a real help to me to get back on track.

So at 2am I hopped on the contest site and typed a short essay (had to be 250 words or less) and sent it through.  Out of site, out of mind.

You all know the rest, I WON THE GRAND PRIZE!!! I tell you, it wasn't the words I wrote, I didn't write eloquently, I just wrote my heart in a quick essay.. but THEY LOVED IT!!  YAY!!

See for yourself, by small means, are great things brought to pass!

Winner #1One of My bestie's Joni and I have BOTH fought the battle of the bulge for our whole life. We were both on our own journeys and we followed each other's blogs and facebook, although we didn't really know each other. Then one day she got brave and said that she really thinks we need to be friends. And it was INSTANT! We have been personally motivating each other ever since. We live a state a apart and we talk at least 3 times a day keeping each other accountable. We drive or fly back and forth and plan activities such as hiking, gym, etc to do while we visit each other. We chat during every episode of Biggest Loser sharing our own tears to their success. We have both lost individually 80 lbs and continue to inspire each other!We push each other harder than any friend I have ever had. She truly is my Battle Buddy even through distance! Please reunite us and give us an opportunity to battle it out for a week at the Malibu ranch!
Never be afraid to dream!  Even as simply put as that essay was, I won!  I got to do something that in a million years I didn't think could happen to me!!  DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Battle Buddy Surprise!

One of the FUNNEST parts to me winning this prize is Joni had no idea about it!!  I was screaming, jumping up and down, estatic that this is really happening to me... and I get to bring Joni too!  THRILLED would be an understatement!

I was nannying the twin 16 month old's and so estatic they were sitting looking up at me in shock and disbelief themselves wonder why I was acting like such a maniac.

I was so excited to call Joni, but I knew she was at the trainer.  I kept hoping for some reason she would answer her phone.  I called it over and over again thinking that this would be the time she would say "Hello!" and I could squeel and tell her all about it, but it wasn't the case!

Instead, I left her a message about how she wouldn't believe what just happened to me and she had to call me back RIGHT NOW!!

I got on  the phone with another bestie Amy Oberhansley, who also lives across the street from Joni, and told her the good news! She was so excited for me and helped me decide the best way to tell Joni.  We decided that I was going to act as though I was the only one who won the prize and that at the end of the conversation, let her in on the fact that she is going too!

FINALLY, I got a call back from Joni.  She was afraid that there was something wrong with me.  I let her know that no, everything was actually better than ever!  This is how the conversation went:
Meg: You are never gonna believe what just happened! The best thing in my whole life just happened!! I seriously can't believe that this happened!!
Joni: WHAT??!  What happened?
Me: Joni I just won something HUGE!!  The BIGGEST THING EVER!
Joni: What, tell me, what did you win!
Me: (SQUEELING!) I get to go to the Biggest Loser Finale and RESORT!!
Joni: WHAT?!!  Are you kidding?!  REALLY, NO WAY! (Joni gets all excited!)
Me: Can you believe it!!  Can you believe I get to do it!!  Wholly Guacamole and I just got off the phone and I won the GRAND PRIZE!!! (More squeeling!)
Joni: (a hint of jealousy in her voice) That's great!  Do you get to take someone with you?!
Me: (totally avoiding the question) Isn't this awesome!!  I have never even won a slurpee!!  I can't believe I get to meet all the contestants!!  I GET TO GO TO THE FINALE!!!
Joni: Wow! That is great!
(I continued to go on like this for awhile.  Joni's voice got more and more quiet about it, though she was trying hard to be happy for me.. i could tell she was sad at the possibility that I was doing this, not her! I couldn't keep doing this to her so I acted like I needed to go and call other people.)
Me:  I am so excited!! I have to call others
Joni: That is so awesome Meg, I am so happy for you!  You totally deserve this! I wish I was going with you!
Me:  I love you!  Oh and Joni?!
Joni: Yeah?
Joni: OH MY GOSH!! I GET TO GO!! (SCREAMING, lots and lots of it!)

We carried on both squealing and jumping up and down laughing and almost crying we were so happy!  Even Amy told me she heard her from across the street!

What a happy day!!  What an adventure we will have together!! I can't wait to see my Battle Buddy again!


Today I had the COOLEST thing that has happened to me since I received my mission call back in 1999.  I am still in shock.  I never have things like this happen to me!  Below is the email that I received:
 Hi Megan, 
I just wanted to make sure that you got my email about being a prize winner.
If you would like to call me to discuss the details.
Just wanted to let you know this is not a spam email or a joke. You really did win!
Please give me a call,
Jennifer SawyerMarketingFresherized Foods home of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE

I started shaking!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!  Did I REALLY win the essay contest that i wrote less than 200 words about Joni and I motivating each other towards weight loss?!  So I turned to the email that she sent that I didn't notice prior and this is what it said:
Wholly Guacamole!! We loved your essay and you have been chosen as a Grand Prize Winner in our Buddy Up & Win contest.You and Joni are invited to join us on May 24th for The Biggest Loser live finale . . .and more!We love that you guys are able to motivate each other even though you live a great distance apart.

Your prize pack includes the following:
* Entry for two to the live production of The Biggest Loser Finale on May 24th in Los Angeles.
* One week's stay at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Malibu
* $1,000 airfare allowance for travel.
You have five days to accept or decline the prize. 
Airfare allowance:
Please purchase your two tickets and send us the receipt. We will send you a check for the amount of the airfare up to $1,000.
Ground transportation is not included.

Congratulations again and we hope to see you at the finale! 
 I grabbed the phone, called SCREAMING with joy to Jennifer telling her how I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!!  I told her, "I have never even won a Slurpee!" I was so thrilled, and even though I had no idea how this was all going to work, I KNEW I was going!!  I am the BIGGEST LOSER SUPER FAN!!  I was going to live one of my dreams!