Friday, December 2, 2011


Out of anything that comes out of my mouth to myself and others, this one is BY FAR my mantra to all that know me.  I preach it and I BELIEVE IT!  "YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!" Today was one of those days that I REALLY needed to practice what I preached and reach DEEP down and find that belief in my core, for today I hiked what months ago I would have believed was going to be the death of me and I would never survive it, I hiked SOLSTICE!

This hike started off flatter and then continued to climb and climb and weave all the way to the top of a very tall mountain.  I felt my "exercise induced asthma kick" in as we got higher and higher up and I kept saying to myself, "Don't you DARE stop Megan Christine, YOU can do hard things, quitting is NOT an option!"  The hike guide, Michael must have saw the fear and doubt in my eyes and so he held up and waited for me and continued to stick right next to me step after step for the duration the hike.  (I think he did it cause I told him I was gonna blog about him and give him the credit for sticking with me!)  
(That lil' separation in the mark, that is the thumbs up I will be talking about..this was taken about half way through the hike.)

I will admit that hiking is NOT my most favorite thing.  And sometimes I catch myself looking down the whole time trying not to see the GREAT task I have before me of making it to the top of a mountain.  About middle week this week though, I started realizing, if all I do is look down, I never see the MAJESTY of what I am doing.  I never see the beautiful creations God has given to me.  I never feel the amazing amount of confidence when I finish knowing how far it was to reach the summit, really.  So I started looking up.  I started taking note.  I made time to stop for a picture or two. I identified landmarks ahead that I would say, "if I just can make it to that, I can finish".  Today those landmarks were VERY VERY important.  I will be honest, I was struggling.  My breathing was terrible and I really thought making it to the "thumbs up point" that hike guide Michael kept telling me about, was going to be the place where I lay down and die...literally! 

But something happened today, something quite miraculous.  Not only did I make it to the "thumbs up rock"  I made it all the way around it down back, did an additional climb up to a waterfall and went back down to the base of the canyon and hiked out of there and guess what?! I wasn't the last.  I was still smiling and still breathing.  I had awesome conversations with Michael the hike guide about things I want to do, things I have done so far and things he has done.  It was QUALITY, it is what got me through the hard.

 When I got back to the van, I had an inner conversation with myself, "I CAN DO HARD THINGS!! I just did one of the HARDEST hikes in my life.  I didn't die, I didn't even come close.  I am LIVING, I am REALLY LIVING!"  At this moment in the van, I was completely overcome with celebration of MYSELF.  I have this problem where I celebrate for EVERYONE else and I never celebrate when I accomplish something.  Today I did.  Today I proved, I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

I was thankful for when it came time for lunch just to have time to laugh and chat about things with MY girls Yes, that is right...they are MINE!! They are never gonna get rid of me.  I love them forever.  It is though they were my childhood friends. 

Bri, Cara, Kelly, Heather, Kim, Sandi, Susan, Sue, Haley,Zenia, Regina Becki and my sweet Shelene YOU GIRLS ARE AMAZING! Oh and our honorary males..Keith and Chris.)

After lunch the "Stay Overs" had a meeting pool side.  My heart was so full and I felt sooo blessed that I got to stay ONE MORE week with these people, SERIOUSLY that was like Christmas thinking about it!  LOVE THEM!

This wasn't the only hard thing I proved to myself.  Not only did I climb and conquer Solstice, I conquered fears in my Circuit Training class.  I did my first real run on the treadmill (since being here), I got myself on the Arc trainer again, I lifted heavier weights than I ever had and sweated profusely.

In Cardio Disco Jam (I am NOT a coordinated person, especially on the dance floor) I just let loose and didn't care who was watching...Fetch, I even galloped like a horse hitting my rear end with my hand down the "soul train line" and to make matters worse, it was captured on video...and I could care less!  Now that is SUCCESS!

Liquid moves, is a fancy way to say Water Aerobics, but on Fridays we play Water Volleyball.  I LOVE THIS part of FUN FRIDAY. I love Volleyball.  I am not good at it other than serving the ball, but I love it!  Our team this week was amazing!  We worked together, we cheered for each other even on a bad play, we had the best non-confusing rotation and we WON!  A few of us even stayed later to continue the water, you can't really do that..a few people doesn't work when you can't move fast..but it was fun and burned a few extra Calories!

Tonight a took my friends Becki and Susan to the mall.  It was good to just go and feel the Christmas hustle bustle of everyone.   We went to JCPenny's where Susan spoiled me and bought me the most AWESOME wallet (She is my Mama at the resort.  I love her!).  I bought the twins the cutest jean jackets and Susan got somethings for her grand kids.  We went to Charming Charlies, Coach, the Apple Store etc.  It was great to just walk around, and feel like we still can dress up like a normal person! 

Tomorrow is a BUSY day for Saturdays at the Resort!  Hike or 2 hr workout and a last chance workout plus Graduation for those departing. Gotta be geared up and ready to go, this is a new change since I was here last, I better be ready for anything!

Today's STATS:
Burned 5,356 Calories (not including 2 water aerobics classes)
Steps: 20,349

Breakfast:  Pancake Breakfast
Lunch: Caesar Salad Pizza and Mushroom Soup
Dinner: Chicken Tostada with Pineapple Sorbet


  1. What an inspiring post Meg! Yes you can and DID hard things! I know how difficult those hikes can be and i'm so very proud of you! You have kept your head up high and you will reach the top of your mountain in no time!! I'm 100% on this journey with you and I'm so lucky to have you as my battle buddy!!

  2. Love your blog! Wish I knew about it while I was at BLR! Meg, you are amazing!!!!