Saturday, December 3, 2011

Last Chance Workout...No Joke!

(My friend Heather from the resort would text us daily motivation she was getting from her trainer back home.. THANK YOU HEATHER, you have no idea how much this helped!)

The last time I was at The Biggest Loser Resort, Saturday was an "optional day".  Lots of site seeing, shopping and sleeping went on.  The new schedule at Biggest Loser Resort sticks more to the purpose you are there..TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, not to be on a vacation, and it is NO JOKE. 

I am not going to lie.  I was planning to spend my Saturday at Disneyland.  I have ALWAYS dreamed to be at Disney at Christmas time.  To feel the magic even more through Christmas decor and festivities.  I was disappointed at first when I found out that Saturday was a PACKED schedule and my dreams were going to be put on hold for yet another year.

Those feelings were before I experienced what a HARD workout Saturday there would feel like.  A bonus day to get one last chance to get your body shedding the much needed weight!  It was some hard work, but I am glad I participated!

(This is an example of some of the things available in the gift shop at The Biggest Loser Resort.  Lots of products with this the message and reminder. I should've bought it!)
I opted to rest from Hiking and after a morning Yoga style class chose to do the 2 hr workout back at the resort.  We had asked if a pool class could be offered for that time and they agreed, little did we know that is when the pool guys were there.  I was already in  my swimsuit and so me and my friend chose to do our workout in the hot tub... you may think, that is not a workout.. You better believe it was!!  were running around that hot tub, doing weights, using noodles and sweating to death just like a Birkham hot Yoga joke.  We did it for an hour and then we moved to the pool.  Did I mention that it felt like it was 50 below outside.  It was soooo windy and cold but I just couldn't bear another gym class today, I needed to be outside and was willing to ANYTHING to stay there.  Right after we started our aerobic routine we had a bizarre emergency helicopter landing!

As we were in the pool, a firefighting helicopter was hovering lower and lower to the resort and for a minute I thought they were having a malfunction and were going to land and take out the entire Biggest Loser Resort.  I didn't know whether we should run for our lives or just stay put.  They ended up landing in the field a few feets from the back of the gym.  Apparently there was a bike accident in the canyon by us and the ambulance brought the victim to that field.  We all left the pool and the gym and rushed to see what was going on...brrr it was cold! It was so amazing to see what an organized mission this was.  The helicopter had barely touched down when it was off again with the injured person and we were back to our workouts!

After 2 hours in the water and the people on the hike returned, left the pool to get dry before our "last chance" workout!  Do you even know how hard it is to get a sports bra on when you are wet...let me just say contorting your body in that many ways to get your bra on is AMUSING!

They don't mess around with this last chance workout!  We were doing suicides, ladder runs, medicine ball routines, Running up a hill with weights in toe, Resistance ropes and the double heavy rope exercise (wish I knew what that was called) and last but not least yoga ball sit ups.  We did this in circuit like rotations.  I am not gonna lie 90  minutes of this and I wanted to lay down on the floor and kick my feet in a tantrum...if only I had energy to do that! ha ha In fact I had drank my entire water bottle before we were even half way through.

My team was Jerry and Estella Hayes from Season 7.  How I love them and they are the best sports, cheerleaders and loves ever!
We get a little break after the Last chance workout and lunch before the graduation festivities start.  It was nice to just be in my room and talk with friends.  Felt like a great end to an AMAZING week! 

Graduation is a great time of the week.  We watch a DVD that they give to each of us that is coverage of our entire week.  If I can figure out how to post it I will, but my guess is it is TOO big of a file. It basically is a great way to come home and show all your family what you went through and also a reminder to yourself of the new friendships and the new YOU that you found.  There also is a part for the people departing to share thoughts, hopes and successes with everyone, some tears are shed as well (yes, I am one of those crying).

I spent the remainder of my Saturday with my new found friend Sandi who volunteered to help me fill the orders for Wristbands for Sam Poueu (Biggest Loser season 9 contestant and trainer at BLR who had an accident in the fall and is still recovering from serious injuries.) It felt very humbling to be filling these orders right there at his workplace where he had inspired and loved so many of the people that had come through those doors.  I was SOOO happy to have Sandi's help this week.  I had 74 orders to process. It took us 4 hours to complete, but Sam is worth EVERY HOUR, I love that guy! 
I think a cool side note to Sandi helping me is that one of the main purposes that she booked her stay here at The Biggest Loser Resort was she wanted Sam to be her trainer.  She was so disappointed and considered rescheduling when it ended up differently but came anyway.  Here she was able to serve him and kind of pay it forward to him...she is THE BEST!

Saturday Stats:

Calories Burned: 4321
Steps: 9,478 (minus the 2 hour workout in the pool)

Menu today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch: Tuna Nicoise Salad with Pita and Squash Soup
Dinner: Salsbury Steak with Chocolate Banana, Strawberry and Pinapple drizzled in dark chocolate.


  1. Love you!!! So proud of you! <3

  2. wow I love the "staying fat is hard". That is so true! The food looks incredible, and the exercises seem to be hard, but fun and build such a community! Great job, BL Resort! I wanna go someday.

    If I'm only 10 lbs from "goal", would they let me come? I assume if I paid they would never turn me away. :) I could learn so much about nutrition and the limitless potential of my body! I need that!