Sunday, December 4, 2011


I love these women that are all lined up to see what results they are going to have this week. They are strong and they are on a mission to lose the pounds just like me! One thing is for sure, I know they will do it!!

Today was our weigh in. If The Resort teaches one thing that I wish everyone would realize is, OUR BODIES ARE ALL DIFFERENT! Here is a perfect example of just that. We eat ALL the same food (minus a few variations...but we have the same chef), we do the same workouts and live close to the same lifestyle while we are here. Yet, some people loose really big and other loose a little. Does little vs. big weight loss take away ANY of the glory? No! You have to think about where you were before, how different and better you feel, and if you would be making this change without such a jump start. If all of those facts are positive then NO MATTER WHAT your results are just where they should be!!

This week I lost a total of 5 lbs. The last time I came I lost a total of 8 in week one. Why didn't I loose more? I don't know. But I am going to celebrate every pound that was shed because since May when I was here last, my body has been losing inches, but the pounds were holding on to dear life! I was THRILLED that the scale budged!!

I need to give a shout out to two of my BLR friends! Bri (aka Danielle I tend to call her that, no reason, just do so now it is her nickname whether she likes it or not!) you knocked it outta the park! 12 lbs!! You fought through every single lb. You never gave up. You kept yourself positive and even hiked your butt up mountains when you wanted to throw the towel at the mountain! You inspired me OODLES and you're a bestie for life! Jim lost 11 lbs. He inspired me every morning on our hikes. He has had health problems and instead of sitting around letting it make him bigger he got off his couch and got active! He was at the top of the pack in all our hikes and always brought leadership and team love when he was around! WAY TO GO! (Jim is the cousin of Jerry Hayes, season 7)

Sunday breakfast is a FAVORITE!! It is a omelet bar! So delicious! Who knew feta cheese and an omelet is a bit of heaven?! Then the resort packs you a sack lunch...Today we had a Almond butter spread on a Orrowheat sandwich thin. Along with some string cheese, cut veggies and an apple. It is packed like that so that people traveling will be prepared and not have to go through the temptation of airport food, etc. I appreciate that this is part of the program and it is nice to have a lunch so that you can do your own thing and not have to be there at a certain time.

After saying goodbye to departing friends, with my lunch in hand I went to my room to set some personal goals for my week. My Sundays each week will be dedicated not only to my Savior but to bettering myself and choosing goals that will get me where I want to be in this journey.
My first activity this Sunday was to:
WEEK TWO Goals for myself:
Be HONEST with myself.
PUSH myself further than I ever have
ENJOY the journey
Make time for MEMORIES

After goal setting, pondering, a nap and a few phone calls, the long awaited moment was here! Since booking my stay at BLR I have been anticipating being with some people I really adore. My Courtney, My Amanda. My Arthur and My Sarah ARRIVE TODAY!! This week is going to be AWESOME! I honestly cannot wait! I get to pick Court, Mandz and Arty at the airport and want to squeeze them all! This will be the FIRST time I meet Amanda yet we text each other through out each day and she is my adopted lil Sister!

This week coming up is gonna be a week of GREATS...EPIC really!! We are all going to do things we never before have done and meet personal goals and maybe even go beyond them, we will see! This week is going to help me get closer to my goals.

I am looking forward to getting to know Sione better and Tara the "iron woman!" Plus, I hear a few surprise "Loser's" will be dropping by (this is the week before finale) to say hi, so it is a week never to be forgotten I am sure. Last week would be pretty hard to top, I love all the new friends in my journey...there is a HUGE support system here!

Picking my sweet friends up at the airport was awesome! I loved having them all in the car with me. We were talking a mile a minute, laughing, sharing stories about all the CRAY CRAY people in this world and just loving spending time with each other. When we arrived to the resort, the excitement in the air was intense! SOOO excited for this week!

These people warm my heart! I am so blessed to be part of their lives!

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  1. what a cool experience. The Omelette bar sounds amazing!