Monday, November 28, 2011


When you're talking about the Biggest Loser Resort experience a case of the jitters isn't nervousness, it is actually your body jittering!  Today I had ALL sorts of jitters.  After the hike when I sat down, my legs were shaking by themselves, I didn't know how to stop them.  During "Liquid Moves" class my calves decided to jitter by getting the hardest charlie horse I have ever experienced in my life. Following our circuit class, my whole body seemed to have a jitter in it and was ready to loose my carrot soup we had at lunch time. I am not the only one getting the "jitters", the charlie horses and jittering bodies are all around me!

Monday at the resort is full of firsts for people!  Many go on their first hike of their lives. Some people have never run on a treadmill.  For others, its their first time being pushed to a breaking point.   The people who come to the resort are quality!  I enjoy meeting them and hearing their stories.  Some rip your heart out and others inspire you to try even a lil' harder.  Anyone looking for a change of lifestyle should look into how they can make the Biggest Loser Resort work for them.  It is well worth anything to find a program that helps you get your health back!
Many of you have asked about the ins and outs of the program.  So today I am going to give you the play by play of what takes place on day at The Biggest Loser Resort.

6am: WAKE UP
6:30: Stretch Class
7:00: Breakfast. Today's breakfast was Waffles with a blueberry puree and some fruit.
8:00: Leave for Hike.  Today we went to Newton Canyon.  We did a really long version and went all the way today (Apparently they don't usually go that long but we were all doing so good they did a bonus one..lucky us! LOL)
11:15: Liquid Moves (water aerobics on steroids)
12:35: Lunch. Today we had Carrot Soup, A delicious fruit green salad and A bean and rice burrito ( I will be posting this recipe..stay tuned)
1:15: Lecture on Budget (How to know how many calories you need to burn to get to your goals)
2:30: Circuit Class.  In this class we get to try out a lot of the machines that are commonly found in gyms.  The trainer has us start with Cardio and we push AS HARD AS WE CAN for 2 minutes.  Then we switch to weight training machines and work 45 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and then work 45 more seconds.  We go back and forth for the hour.  Tonia (the trainer who is the closest thing to Jillian you will find here) was pushing us all to the breaking point...we were fighting HARD for those 2 min each time.  A couple went out to throw up.. I almost joined them.
3:30: Core Training. Can I just say MAIN IN THE BUTT!  Yeah, cause that is where it hurt! I had sweat dripping down my body. I was shaking while holding my core pose...I was ready for this class to be over!
4:30: H2O Intervals.  This class is a high intensity water aerobics style class where we focus on getting our heart rate to spike and then we recover then we spike and recover for the whole hour class.  We did things like shooting our bodies out of the water, squatting and rolling our hands in front of us as quickly as possible, boxing style moves as quickly possible etc. all while your body is immersed under water (not your head).  I LOVE the water classes, they are my favorite!
5:45: Dinner.  Tonight was Salmon Burger and 3 spears of grilled zucchini. With a cranberry sorbet that was only 20 calories. I am NOT a fan of Salmon, but our Chef here is AMAZING!

6:15: Lecture tonight was spending your Calories Wisely.  Here they introduce the 90/10 plan.  They teach that if you eat on plan 90% of the time then 10% of the time (if you eat 21 meals a week that would be two meals.. . unfortunately not two DAYS...that you could eat what you were craving or want. This takes away guilt for those splurge moments).  They also talk about the plating method (1/2 your plate vegetables, 1/4 meat, 1/4 Grain).
7:00pm FINALLY retire to your rooms.  Take a shower, get in your pajamas and do whatever you need to in "real life" (this makes a 12 and half hour day till you get to go back to your room...other than for swim wear changes)

At the end of the first day my stats are:
5, 296 Calories Burned (this doesn't include any of the water aerobics exercises)
21,878 Steps

This is a WHOLE lot of information, I know.  I just wanted to give a sample of what a FIRST day pparticipant at The Biggest Loser Resort experiences.

One last mention before closing today's post.  I would be an ungrateful person if I didn't mention that not only am I thankful to my bosses who allowed me to be away from the precious twin babies for two weeks while I am slaving away closer to reaching my goals and becoming more healthy.  I am thankful for Grandma Janice who came in to take care of those two cute babies for me.  I am thankful for ALL the staff and owners here at The Biggest Loser Resort that made this trip a reality for me.  I am thankful to ALL of you who support me, love me, and are excited for all the positive things that are now coming to my life.  I know from whom they came and I am thankful to a loving Father in Heaven who is involved in the details of life!

Sleep is the next important part of this process, so off to wonderland I go!


  1. The last paragraph made me tear up...soooooo thrilled for you to get this experience.

  2. Love you, Meg! You are such a trooper and so strong! I wish I could come out there and without with you!! Love all your updates!!

  3. You are AWESOME Meg, I got tired just reading that post! Keep up the great work! :)

  4. you are amazing and so inspiring!!! way to go megs, love you!!

  5. So, so proud of you battle buddy! Day 1 is always the hardest. You have so many cheering you on and you are inspiring many, me included:) I'm excited to hear about all your day's there!! Love you! You can do HARD things!!