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Biggest Loser: Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson's first interview after his accident. True Love has NO BOUNDS!

If any of you have followed me on any of my blogs it will be no surprise that I am THE Biggest Loser Super fan.  I love these people.  The Biggest Loser Alumni/Family has my heart! They are warm and kind hearted.  They have been where I am. They have conquered their journey's further than I have.  They have been PIVOTAL in my weight loss success!  There are many of the alumni who will be forever friends of mine because of the returned friendship, love and support they have always shown me!

Steph and Sam (and family) are some of those people.  I was a BIG "fan" of them while they were on the show and followed them and their love story after the show.  When I was able to go to Season 11 finale, I got to meet Sam in person! I was honored and thrilled.  When I found out he would be one of my trainers while at Biggest Loser Resort Malibu (BLR), I was completely ECSTATIC!

While at BLR Malibu, I learned so much from his classes!  He was hard core!  He was AMAZING at motivating!  He could push you further and further than you ever thought possible and until it was over, you didn't even had a clue what you had just accomplished.  His Mountain and Water Aerobics classes could leave you weeping they were so hard, yet you felt so accomplished!  I couldn't WAIT to get back to do it again!
On September 3, 2011 Sam had a horrible fall while visiting friends in San Francisco.  When I found out on the 4th my heart was traumatized!  I was so worried and scared about what this meant for someone who was a "super hero" to me.  I was stuck to my computer for days trying to find ANY information about him and how he was doing.

Another fan of Sam's, Erin Bowling, was quicker than me to the attack and formed a Facebook group, "Pray for Sam Poueu" and the family soon jumped on that group and started leaving information on his well being, giving updates and legitimate articles that we could reference as to information about Sam and his progress.

In the days following I saw them throwing around Erin's idea of getting wristbands started with his favorite saying.  I felt that Erin so desperately wanted to head up this idea but didn't quite know where to get started and how to the have the time since she is a full time student.  I have headed up many fundraisers in my life and knew I had the skills to jump in and help out. I wrote to Erin and inquired about taking it from her and running with it. She obliged.

I spoke first to Sherry Johnston (Pink team from that season and also like family to him) to ask her if this was something the family could stand behind. She did the behind scene's work and I got an approval call from Stephanie a week or so later.

We got the wristbands ordered (The wristbands are Grey, the color Sam was on BL and Purple, the color of Steph.  The quote the family helped pick was, "Family First, God above all").  Once the wristbands arrived the Sam bandwagon started. We sold a lot in the first month!  I was so busy processing orders.  Every night I spent a few hours addressing, stuffing and recording all the order's that came in.
On the back of each order I hand wrote "PRAY FOR SAM" hoping this would generate some extra attention and a reminder that this is why they are being sold, to get as MANY prayers and reminders to pray for him out there on a daily basis.  We all know that when "two or more are gathered" in God's name, miracles can happen!

 As time consuming as the process was, it made me so happy to help in even the smallest of ways. The plan, to relieve a little financial stress from the family involved as well as help them feel the love and support they had out there.  Update: Order's trickle in slowly every week. And I fill them one by one.  I look forward to when I can announce that we met our goal and sold out of them!  

I would like to give a shout out to ALL the people involved on the Pray for Sam page.  First, Erin Bowling who started the ball rolling and was the brain child of this effort. Next, to all the moderators who help keep all the friend requests accepted, keep all the family information sorted and in the right folders for easy viewing as well as helping get the word out about wristbands available.  There several moderators that help and I am afraid I would forget one of them if I tried to list them, but they know who they are!  Also to Patti Anderson (Steph's Mom) and Sam's Sister Tracey who were staple's to this page and really helped calm many nerves and troubled hearts with info on Sam's progress.  It doesn't take just ONE person to do something for someone else. It takes an idea to get planted and then many willing hands to keep it all going! I give props and love to EVERYONE who had any part in this.

We also had some businesses offer incentives to people to purchase larger quantities of wristbands.  Thank you Wholly Guacamole and Shut up and Sweat Gear for your generous donations!!  Also to Biggest Loser Resort Malibu who offered wristbands for sale several times throughout the last few months! It is companies like you that make me proud to support you and your efforts! THANK YOU!

Anywho, I just wanted to give you a little background of WHY I was so driven to put a little effort in to helping these two. Their love story is so precious and knows NO bounds.  I adore them and was THRILLED to see this update and hear Sam's voice again.  He is a fighter! Life will only get better and sweeter from here on out!  God is GOOD! We are STILL praying everyday Sam and Steph!  Have NOTHING but love for you two!

Here is the real reason you are reading this.. to get the scoop!

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  1. Good day, Meg! Are there any updates on Sam's progress/status? I haven't read anything new on him in a few years. Also, are there any more wristbands available?