Monday, January 2, 2012


I think my weekend sick has gotten to me. I just did the craziest thing... I texted my friend Heather in Sacramento (who said she would help me keep my New Years Resolution by participating with me in one of my FOUR 5k's) and asked if she would be interested in this Midway, Utah Race 5k that is on my Birthday, February 4th! She said, YES! 

Now, I am always up for an adventure and an adventure with a challenge is even a little more intriguing, but I think I have officially done it, I think that I have lost my mind!

Here is how the website explains this race I just committed too:

"The snow crunching under your running shoes, as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. You and your closest friends are racing (and sledding) your way over the groomed trail, conquering its several obstacles. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, this race is for you."

The first picture is the one I saw when I texted Heather ( I HEART sledding..and doesn't she look like she is having the time of her life?!) ...I should have looked at the rest...EEK!

Course is a 3.1 MILE, Military Style Obstacle Course with over 10+ obstacles.
Why did I think this was a good idea again? Someone remind me where I thought I was ready for a race of this sort? Maybe this Musinex has some chemical that is stopping the functioning of my brain!
I am neither an "elite athlete nor a weekend warrior!" I am a fat girl in spandex still trying to loose this outer shell.. but you know what I do have?

I have...
heart, laughter, joy, the best support group and friends in the world, determination and...


Okay, okay, maybe I just talked myself into it, although I do still think I have gone and lost my mind!

You are ALL invited to join me for my first HEALTHY Birthday Celebration...who's in?!

February 4th, 2012
Midway, Utah
(by Park City)

As long as I am losing my is one of the 5k's I will ALSO do this year, just don't know which location yet! Thanks for loving me and reading about my crazy adventures if I don't make it through this!

I am ONE STEP closer to meeting my goals of four 5k's...but I have already stayed up past my 10:30pm bed time and thus broken another goal. Oh well, no work tomorrow, so it counts as a weekend, right?!

Courage to Finish What I've Started?! OH YEAH!


  1. That foam fest one looks like fun as well! One that I want to do is the dirty dash 5k. It looks like sooo much fun!! So cool that you've got these goals. You'll do them because you're awesome girl!

  2. I'll seriously consider doing this. I went running in 20 degree weather this morning...buurrrrrr

  3. Shan, I think the dirty dash looks fun too but I have a DIRTY phobia... I seriously have since being a it scares me a lil...

    Jamie, You are a WARRIOR! You could TOTALLY do it! And just think of it as a day playing in the snow... no biggie :)

  4. You can do it meg! Maybe you will get lucky and have no snow. Pretty sure Utah doesn't have any now:)

  5. That's sweet. If I had $40 I would totally do it with you.