Monday, March 12, 2012


As my friend Arty from Biggest Loser Season 11 would say, "I'm just keeping it 100!"
Truth Day 101

Have you ever found yourself caught in a PITY PARTY?!  The kind of pity party where it feels like everything in the world is against you?  Where you question WHY you had to be let down the way you were?

The last 2 weeks I have been letting those negative, defeating voices into my life.  I had an OLD injury caused by the stupidest thing you could ever think of creep up on me...

Yes, you read this right.  I injured my toe back in December by dropping a can of aerosol hairspray on it!  The day I did it I continued my workouts at BLR (hike, H20, Mountain) and then right after mountain (one class away from being done for the day) the pain became to much and I started crying and ended up at Urgent Care. 

At Urgent Care the doctor X-rayed my foot.  Found that I had a hairline fracture on the tip of my toe (nothing could be done about that) and then drilled a hole in the top of my toe to RELEASE the pressure the blood underneath caused.  I can't even tell you how GOOD it felt when they burnt a hole right on the top of my nail that day.  It definitely relieved pressure.

Just as I usually do, I carried on and continued to not let throbbing and soreness get me down. I was told it would just take "time" and so that was what I assumed was happening. 

Shortly after my birthday 5k, I started to notice more pressure and more pain in my toe area.  Doing my daily sprints on the treadmill became VERY painful and I noticed myself not pushing as hard during my workouts because the pain was getting intense.

One evening after working out, I came home and just sobbed.  I took off my shoe and sock and noticed something new.. my toe nail was lifted. (For those of you who don't like gory details, make sure to pass the first series of pictures I am about to post and don't read the rest until after those pictures. But please read on, cause the video I am going to share may REALLY inspire you!)

I freaked out when I realized that under my nail there was a "growth-like" mushy thing.  After the nail came off it was instant pins and needles pain.  I couldn't get any relief, I didn't know what to do and I am not going to lie, I was scared by the sight of it. After talking to several people and trying to weigh out all my options I headed to Urgent Care.  When I got there, they had just closed the doors for the night.  It was such a painful night of sleep and discomfort. 

I called into work the next morning (only 2nd time in 2 yrs) and asked to come in later.  I went to the doctor at 8am, he wouldn't touch it and sent me to a podiatrist.  The podiatrist freaked me out.  He had never seen anything like this before..really? A podiatrist?!  He was sure there was surgery in my future!  He sent me with his nurse for an Xray.  When he came back he said he was glad to see that it was a hematoma and not bone coming out of my toe. He gave me several shots in my toe, froze it with some hydrogen and began cutting away and then cauterizing my toe nail.  He told me to keep it clean, keep Lamisil on it and take pain meds for discomfort.  Also no working out till my toe was healed up and had no pain.

The stages of my toe (NOT FOR THE FAINT)

Today as I put on my Lamisil cream I realized something.. it didn't hurt..could it really be?!   I know it is ridiculous that I let something as small as an UGLY toe let my world stop.  Of course it didn't totally stop, just my exercise lacked and that has been all I've known for so long and is my main source to stress relief, I let it get to me.. WAY TO MUCH!

Why do I share all of this with you, and record it for me?  Because I don't think I am the only one that has let a small thing, a small set back, some pain, some emotional or family problems become a MOUNTAIN in our lives. We let it become so much  more detrimental than it needs to be, instead of facing it head on and "adjusting" your schedule to IT, we let "IT" take our schedule away from us! 

Now, I am going to be 2 weeks behind on my goals, have a lot of make up to get to where I was... and unfortunately I can't get that time back.  But I DO plan on moving forward and that is what matters most at this point!

Tonight as I was planning out what I wanted to do to get back in the swing of things this week, I decided to turn on Biggest Loser Season 7 (back when Biggest Loser used to REALLY inspire us). Sione Fa is my BOY and seriously it was MEANT TO BE that I re-watched this episode tonight!! 

ANYONE that needs to be inspired, PLEASE watch this! 
 I recorded it with my phone cause I wanted you all to see it! 

How many times have we let ourselves become a victim to the "I CAN'T FLU?" 

I know, I have. This is a battle I REFUSE to lose again.  The only losing I am going to be doing for now on is inches and pounds!  Thank you Sione Fa for your words on and off the show! 
This clip is LIFE!  I love it! 

That's what I started out to do, and that is what I am GOING TO DO!

I want to give a special shout out to my sweet Biggest Loser family.  There are so many people I have met through the Biggest Loser Resort as well as contestants who I can now call friends.  You have inspired me, believed in me, pushed me, followed up with me and continue to be my friends. 

There are also MANY others of my friends/family that INSPIRE me, encourage me, cheer me on and REALLY just love me through all my follies, successes and trials and to ALL of you I say thank you! 

Thank you to my Twitter and Facebook family as well.  Your posts sometimes give me the UMPH I need to get to the gym, I hope I can return the favor.

Bottom line:  I am doing this ALL for me and nothing else, but your words, comments and compliments ring through my head on days that I just want to RETREAT! 


  1. Meg, I love ya! Thank you for posting this. I needed to read it. I've been battling my own excuses as well, like having a bone spur in my foot that has presented itself again after running, like I have been doing....and it hurts. I've stopped my running for the past two weeks, only running once during that time. It's hard to keep pushing, but it has to be done. Thank you again, and keep at it girl! You inspire not only me, but soooo many people! Don't lose sight of that.

    And thanks for posting that video clip. That was definitely my favorite season by far. So inspiring and so motivating.

    You're awesome Meg!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your honesty!! As I sat down at the computer I was crying about a little thing in my life that is SO FRUSTRATING! You are right...IT does not need to rule my life! You are doing so amazing and I hope your toe completely heals and you will be back in the game soon!!! I love you Meg. You ARE doing this!!

  3. That looks ouchy. But way to go for keeping on.

  4. Meg, I have been wondering what was going on with your journey but did not want to be pushy. Isn't it life's dumb, little incidents that cause the most trouble? Carrying my first child, I actually fell down a small step of Saint Mark's Hospital after attending a prenatal class and broke my LEG! I spent the remainder of my pregnancy and delivery and a full leg cast. Oh, that was FUN! (Not, not, not. You have not experienced edema until you have experienced it pregnant.)

    I have *always* admired you for the way you maintain a solid training regime totally on your own! I know you have the love and support of many "besties" but you do not have a spouse or best friend on the same journey who lives near you. (Do you? Friend, I mean.)

    I have been battling bronchitis and the "old me" would have given up training until a month after I was cured! Since I have a full marathon in seven weeks, I really had no choice but to continue training. I made a few modifications after I crashed and burned HARD at a 5K, but I never missed a training day.

    You are really an inspiration to all the single people or the married people who do not have the support of a spouse.

    I honestly *still* find The Biggest Loser to be inspiring. Yes, it is different this season. True, there is no Abby Rike (my personal hero), no O'Neal, no Suzy & Matt, no Marci Crozier, no Ada Wong. However, there is inspiration everywhere, in every journey. I draw incredible inspiration from Mark & Chism Cornelison, Roy Pickler, Allen “Buddy” Shuh, and Emily Joy. I love my Biggest Losers! My husband and I also watch Biggest Loser Australia. I would really recommend people download that show, as it is on five days per week, has almost NO "product placement" (yeah!) and goes into a LOT more detail about the amount of work required to reach the fitness goals the contestants obtain. The current U.S. Biggest Loser has given SO much time to product placement and celebrity bits that the show does not do enough teaching. The nutrition segments are literally "McNuggets" and the exercise clips are all about who can yell the loudest and sweat the most.

    Well, I have written a blog of my own, instead of a response. Love ya, Meg! FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! ♡ ♥ ♡

    ☼ ☀ ☼ Team Sunshine ☼ ☀ ☼

  5. OK girl, know you are so busy but I am waiting for an update!!! I LOVE to read your blog...I miss hearing from you!

  6. Meg- I don't know what drew me to your blog today, but I am SO GLAD I came over and read this. I needed it so much. I have had way too many little excuses become MOUNTAINs in my life lately and have felt completed defeated. Thank you for your inspiration. Love you, my friend.
    Hmmm... maybe I need a weight loss blog.
    Marissa Armstrong